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Structural Fascial Approach to the Foot and Ankle

Course Description


Cynthia Babat’s Fascial Foot and Ankle Course


Rolfer Cynthia Babat reorganizes clients lower extremityLearn a comprehensive Structural Fascial Approach to the Foot & Ankle!

In this 2 hour course Cynthia Babat shares her knowledge and skills from the depths of her decades of training and practising in Ballet & Structural Integration. 

She will show you how she unwraps, lenghens and re-balances the fascia of the lower leg, ankle and foot.

She finishes the presentation with integrative movement education of the client.  

This course includes HD video of Cynthia sharing all these key skills plus bonus webinar footage in which Cynthia answers questions and dismantles and educates and integrates Doug's left foot and ankle!



  • Evaluation of client’s gait and initiation of client somatic awareness of groundedness, alignment, ease, symmetry and/or strain
  • Global mobilization of the joints of the foot and loosening of superficial fascial layers
  • Normalizing the tissue texture of the shin moving toward the interosseous membrane over time
  • Moving the malleoli toward symmetry through hip, knee and ankle flexion/extension with fascial molding 
  • Stretching the toes into extension
  • Loosen the myofascia around the ankle and move the joint toward a more clean hinge-like motion
  • Releasing the plantar fascia while the client dorsiflexes the ankle and toes
  • Releasing the fascia relating the big toe as the client explores more symmetrical flexion and extension of the big toe
  • Somatic awareness exercises that help the client move in these more symmetrical ways



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Fabulous Cynthia Babat

I began ballet at four years old in New Jersey. At fourteen my  body grew into the perfect ballerina's body. I was tall and very lean.  I had long arms and legs. I had a long neck and a small head. My hips were perfectly rotated and my hamstrings were very stretched.

But I had no arch on the top (dorsum) part of my foot. I found a teacher who taught with an anatomy book. She showed me how to move my foot bones using a 4 point protocol. I changed my foot and received a scholarship to the Boston Conservatory to study dance. After graduating I was accepted into the Boston Ballet where I danced both classical roles like Swan Lake and the more modern ballets of George Balanchine.  

After leaving the company I taught ballet to professional modern dancers in New York City. I was also invited to perform with them.

I taught ballet for about 25 years.  I then went to the Swedish Institute and became a New York State licensed massage therapist. I went directly from the Swedish Institute to the Rolf Guild of Structural Integration. I studied with Dr. Rolf's first two teachers,  Emmet Hutchins and Peter Melchior. I took my advanced courses with Don Van Fleet.

I have now been practicing for 20 years. My particular interest is the foot, ankle and leg. I am married and have two grown children.


If this course does not help you significantly improve your knowledge and clinical skills, notify us within 30 days of the purchase date and we will refund your entire purchase price.

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