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Home >> Ligamentous Articular Strain Approach to the Foot and Ankle
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Ligamentous Articular Strain Approach to the Foot and Ankle

Course Description


Join Robert Libbey, RMT for this two hour credit course exploring Ligamentous Articular Strain for the Foot & Ankle. We have recorded high definition video of Robert showing all his basic LAST techniques for the Foot  and Ankle.



  • Theory of Ligamentous Articular Strain
  • Proprioceptive Evaluation in Standing
  • Pulse Evaluation: Tibial & Dorsalis Pedis, Popliteal, Femoral/Iliac
  • Supine Evaluation of Position and Movement of the Tibio-talar joint, Mid-foot, Tibio-femoral, Pelvis
  • Disengagement and Balancing of the Talus on the Tibia: Boot Jack Technique
  • Metatarsal Rebalancing
  • Tibial Balancing onto Talus
  • Fibular Release Technique
  • Re-Evaluation and Next Steps


In addition to the HD videos teaching all the course content there is a recorded 2-Hour webinar with Robert reviewing thought processes, techniques and student questions inside the course. 


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1 Category A CEU 1 PD CEC 1 Category A CEU 1 CEU
2 Primary CEC 2 Primary CEC 1 CEU 2 Primary CEC
2 Credit Hours with NCBTMB


Robert Libbey, RMT is a passionate and skilled clinician and researcher practicing in British Columbia. In his words...

"The idea of an educational course focusing on the effectice treatment of ligaments and structural alignment has been a focus of mine as an RMT for over 12 years. While in high school I suffered 2 dramatic injuries; a nearly debilitating spinal cord injuy and 1 year later a shattered pelvis and foreamr.

To this day I vividly remember landing vertically onto my neck, feeling the air completely leave my body, being conscious and NOT being able to take a breath. I also rmemeber feeling that my physical body was not my own...."  

Read more of Robert's story




If this course does not help you significantly improve your knowledge or clinical skills, notify us within 30 days of the purchase date and we will refund your purchase price.  

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