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Welcome to the best source on the WWW for client care and self care information from a massage therapy perspective.

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Terms & Conditions

Much effort has been taken to ensure the safety and advisability of the information contained on this web site.

However, it is possible to injure people by performing almost any type of intervention. This is more likely when a procedure is performed without judicious precautions, or when the recipient of the intervention has unique biological or other factors that make them more vulnerable to negative reactions. Additionally, sometimes people have a negative reaction that is wholly unpredictable, or their health becomes compromised at the same time an intervention is performed or shortly thereafter as a result of factors unrelated to the intervention.

By clicking yes to the following attestation when you register an account on this site you acknowledge that you belong to one of the three groups below.

  1. You are a student at a massage therapy school and are practising only under the direct supervision of a regulated and/or licensed health care professional.
  2. You are a health care professional regulated and/or licensed to practise in the geographical region in which you are practising.
  3. You are a member of the public who:
    1. will not be practising any of the interventions in the professional level courses on yourself or others;
    2. is taking a self-help course and is under the care of a licensed health care professional and following the guidelines stated in the course; or
    3. is massaging someone who is in good health and well within the guidelines as described in the course.

For health care students and professionals you further attest that you practise in evidence based way. This means incorporating the best available scientific evidence and blending that with your client’s unique biological factors and needs/desires and your own clinical judgment.

You agree that only you are responsible for the actions you take as a result of the learning you do on this web site. You agree that Massage Therapy Master Class, Doug Alexander and other associated instructors, authors and staff are not responsible for the decisions you make and/or the actions you take. You hereby release Massage Therapy Master Class, Doug Alexander and other associated instructors, authors and staff from any and all liability of any kind, directly or indirectly related to the learning material provided to you through this website.

If you use an association code, you are also giving us permission to check that you really are a member of the association or group that the code is associated with. Other than this checking process we will not share your name or e-mail address with anyone in the world unless forced to by a court of law.

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