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Melzack on the Neuromatrix Theory of Pain

"We have traveled a long way from the psychophysical concept that seeks a simple one-to-one relationship between injury and pain. We now have a theoretical framework in which a genetically determined template for the body-self is modulated by the powerful stress system and the cognitive functions of the brain, in addition to the traditional sensory inputs."

"The neuromatrix theory of pain—which places genetic contributions and the neural-hormonal mechanisms of stress on a level of equal importance with the neural mechanisms of sensory transmission—has important implications for research and therapy."

Pain by Ronald Melzack, 2013. Entire article click here

Neural Gliding Visualized with Real Time Ultrasound Imaging

Check out this video demonstrating the slide and glide of the median nerve at the elbow as a result of flexing and extending the wrist. Video Link  


Specific Neurosignatures of Pain States

In this New England Journal of Medicine paper researchers describe a method of identifying and perhaps measuring pain states within the brain. This extends Melzak's landmark paper Pain and Neuromatrix in the Brain.


Body Atlas Reveals Where We Feel Emotions

What a great somatic sensation study! Notice how happiness and to a slightly lesser extent, love suffuse the entire body. Wishing you more time in happiness and love than the other colors of the emotional rainbow. Here are the links to the News Report and the original Research Paper

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